Choose your support formula

Our interventions in companies depend entirely on the needs identified and a tailored offer is systematically made. From experience, two main means of intervention are used:

"Part-time HR Manager": global support over a period of time

You wish to integrate a human resources specialist into your team to provide you with assistance on a day-to-day basis and relieve you of all or a part of this activity: we propose an intervention at a regular frequency and for a given duration, allowing us to form a genuine partnership.

Two types of intervention are generally proposed: a physical intervention on site coupled with the possibility of an "HR hotline" providing you with permanent and reactive HR support, as you would expect from a true manager of the HR function.

The fields of intervention may be all those covered by our sphere of competence, with the possibility of taking these activities into account directly or providing a skills transfer to a person named as the HR reference and employed by the company in order to provide effective day-to-day administrative management of human resources.

For example, we can intervene to:

Advantage of this formula: you have access to HR expertise to support your in-house teams, as well as an HR hotline.

"Transitional manager ": specific, one-shot support

You have a project that will have an impact on your company's human resources and you need extra resources.

Whatever the nature of this project, accompanying change or a one-shot operation to set up HR tools, do not hesitate to inform us of it in total confidentiality. We will listen to you and help you to find the solution best suited to your needs.

For example, we can intervene to take over the complete running of a project as:

Advantage of this formula: you have the immediate benefit of the skills and experience that will enable you to carry through your project in the best possible conditions.