Our sphere of competence

Whether your needs concern generic activities (personnel administration, pay…) or the core business of HR (accompanying change, skills development, labour relations management…), we will find the best operational solution to accompany you directly or with the support of our partners.

The fields we cover are:

Accompanying change

Companies' lives are made up to differing extents of permanent change. The strategy that you decide can have a strong impact on your company's human resources.

Whether it is to accompany growth (opening of a new production site) or to manage a restructuring operation, or even a site closure, our experience will bring you greater serenity in the management of this type of issue, where the human aspect is bound to be at the heart of your preoccupations.

Communication & labour relations

Communication is essential to share the company's vision and strategy with employees and staff representatives, but also to facilitate the daily work of the line managers.

It becomes a key factor of success in a restructuring operation, but it is often neglected due to a lack of time to manage it.

With solid experience in such matters and a partner specialised in communication, we can provide you with support to:

Management and skills development

Integrating and retaining the skills necessary to the company's development: this is a challenge that many companies face, whatever business they are in, whatever their structure or size.

A skills development policy is part of the competitive advantages that employers can offer their employees or new recruits. We can set up within your structure effective tools aimed at making your work environment an attractive one.

This requires action in the following areas:

Personnel administration

Generic activities are generally correctly handled by all companies. In short, the pay slips go out every month! Nevertheless, the fact remains that personnel administration (management of absences, processing of pay, management of remuneration, administration of training,…) can be optimised and become a source of productivity gains through the introduction of effective tools and processes. In this area, we can help you to:

All these activities are organised within the company taking into account its specificities in terms of its business, but also health and safety and environmental requirements.

We are also able, as human resources managers, to play a driving role in the evaluation of professional risk and running the CHSCT (health and safety and conditions at work committee).

Finally, HR practices must comply with the ISO standards applicable within the company, whether they are interprofessional standards (ISO 9001) or specific to a particular sector of activity (ISO TS 16949 for the automotive industry, for example).